Men's Leather Wallet in Burgundy and Turquoise Deerskin with 10 Card Slots by Fort Belvedere


- Handmade in Germany
- Contrasting Turquoise Leather Interior
- Top quality Deerskin - Made to last
- Folded Edges & Space for 10 Credit Cards

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Classic Oxblood & Turquoise Deerskin Leather Wallet 

As a companion carried with you almost every day, you never want to skimp on your wallet, especially when it plays such an important role as a functional tool and as an emblem of your personal style.

Fort Belvedere is proud to carry a range of wallets handmade in Germany according to traditional leathercraft techniques, such as the use of folded edges, a time-consuming technique rarely employed today that massively improves the look, functionality, and durability of the wallet.

Do you still need a wallet?

Although we live in a highly digitalized world, certain Old World essentials, like a tailored suit, a proper business card case, and a nice wallet, still have a tremendous impact on the first impression that you make on other people. 

To house your spare cash, identification cards, and financial cards, we created a remarkable wallet that will sit comfortably in your pocket, securely hold your personal items, and look gorgeous while doing so. With artisanal detailing like hand-folded edges, this wallet showcases a degree of craftsmanship that has almost vanished in modern leather making.

Why is this wallet so great?

Quality Deer Leather. The leather for this wallet is made from the hides of deer from Scandinavia. Deerskin has a more pronounced leather structure than boxcalf, and thanks to its finishing, it is also softer and more pliable. After harvesting, the hides were sent to Germany, where they were beautifully tanned, dyed, and prepared. Dyed a warm cordovan, the surface of the leather is not pigment coated, which means that you can still see the fine and delicate pores on the leather. This allows for a more luxurious, tactile feel and means that the leather will naturally develop a gorgeous patina. The interior is also made from deer leather, making this one of the softest, most flexible wallets you can find. 

Skived for Comfort. To create a slim and portable wallet, the leather for both the interior and exterior of this wallet was carefully thinned, or skived. The result is a thinner wallet that will sit comfortably in your pocket but is still just as beautiful and as durable.

Artisanal Construction. From start to finish, this wallet was handmade by skilled German artisans who have been perfecting the craft of fine, small leather goods making for more than a century.

Thinned Folded Edges. Folded edges are essential for ensuring the durability of a leather wallet. But most high-end wallets are made with folded edges that are then cut, leaving an inelegant, rougher edge. At Fort Belvedere, the edges of our wallets are meticulously thinned down before being folded and sewn together. This not only produces cleaner, more even lines, but it also greatly reduces the wear on the corners of the wallet.

Rounded Corners. The corners of this wallet have been carefully rounded. Not only does this allow the wallet to easily slide in and out of your pocket, but it also makes less of an impression on the fabric, meaning that the wallet won’t noticeably spoil the lines of your clothes.

All-Leather Lining. Almost all other wallet-makers use less expensive or even synthetic fabrics for the lining and dividers in their wallets. At Fort Belvedere, we insist upon real leather for all of our structural linings, ensuring a more beautiful and long-lasting product.           

10 Card Slots. With its simple billfold design, this wallet was engineered to easily hold 10 cards without having to rely on a third, bulky card holder. While other wallets with a similar profile can only hold 6 or 8 cards, you don’t need to compromise on what you carry with Fort Belvedere, thanks to our use of an extremely thin and lightweight but also sturdy cotton fabric to line the card slots.

Contrasting Colors. While most contemporary wallets are available in plain black or shades of brown, Fort Belvedere refuses to let boredom win. So our wallets offer classically inspired style with an elegant twist. The shell of this wallet is a warm burgundy, but the contrast stitching and edges hint at the vibrant surprise waiting inside: an exquisite edge-to-edge lining in dapper turquoise. The lining also features an understated contrasting brown. While tone-in-tone threads can obscure errors, we have nothing to hide when it comes to Fort Belvedere quality!

Color-Coordinating Options. Fort Belvedere offers a full line of wallets in pairings of brown and blue, burgundy and turquoise, and black and red, with coordinating business card cases. These options will allow you to perfectly harmonize all of your leather goods with the leather accessories in your outfit.         

Attentively Tested. Fort Belvedere spent three years developing our wallets to determine which leathers were ideal for our desired functionality and look. Lamb leather was very soft, but it wore out too quickly with regular use. Long-grain cow leather was durable, but wrinkled due to the folding and unfolding of the wallet. Pigskin and suede were too flimsy, and saddle and bridle leather was too stiff. We had to go through many prototypes to make the perfect wallet, but we finally did it!      

Built to Last. With cheap leather, tacky coatings, and an over-reliance on synthetic fabrics, most wallets today are meant to be used for a year and then thrown away. At Fort Belvedere, we’re proud to offer a wallet that was built to last and that, if properly cared for, can become a treasured heirloom within your family for years to come


This wallet is 115mm x 98 mm x 9.5 mm or 4.5” x 3.85” x 0.37”


This wallet weighs 60 g or 2.1 oz

Signature Green Gift Box

Your wallet will arrive in one of our luxurious Fort Belvedere gift boxes. Featuring sturdy magnetic closures, this box comes in our iconic shade of forest green and displays the Fort Belvedere crest on the lid. 


Rest assured that Fort Belvedere leather goods represent top-notch quality. Should you have any questions about their leather products or if you need advice, let us know and we are happy to help.
SKU: 4054956016796


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Price $285.00
Color Burgundy
Length 4.5" - 115mm
Height 0.37" - 9.5mm

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