Black Batwing Silk Faille Grosgrain Bow Tie Sized Self Tie - Fort Belvedere


- 100% Luxurious Italian Double Warp Faille / Grosgrain
- Self Tie
- Made by Hand
- Fixed Sizing - Choose same size as your shirt collar
- Shipped in Fort Belvedere gift box
ANY 3 BOW TIES get $45 off
ANY 6 BOW TIES get $120

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Black Batwing Silk Faille Grosgrain Bow Tie

Fort Belvedere proudly offers a wide range of bow ties for day and formal evening wear. Our formal bow ties, perfect for Black or White ties, are individually sized and will be the perfect addition to any tuxedo ensemble. Our day bow ties prove that this versatile accessory is not just for eccentric dandies, but will appear elegant and dapper on any gentleman with our colorful selection of silk and wool challis options.

Black Batwing Silk Faille Grosgrain Bow Tie

The black bow tie has famously given its name to the Black Tie Dress Code, but this accessory is also an essential requirement when wearing a tuxedo or dinner jacket ensemble. For the most
elegant appearance, it is important to match the facings of your tuxedo to your accessories like neckwear. Therefore, if your dinner jacket has faille or grosgrain on the lapels, you should have
a bow tie in the same material.

Faile is made from yarns with more ends, or warp yarns, than picks, or weft yarns. This combination creates a unique, flat rib effect in the fabric that has a regimented but still visually interesting appearance. Traditionally, faille was made exclusively from silk and with softer, heavier cords than grosgrain, although nowadays the terms are often used interchangeably. Faille fabric is increasingly rare and today found mostly in bespoke garments, and it has the same degree of formality as satin, making it a perfectly acceptable option for balls, galas, weddings, or other formal Black Tie evening functions.

The silk used for this faille has a double warp that is so expensive and difficult to execute that it is hardly ever employed anymore. Because it is so very complicated and labor-intensive to produce this fabric, we have to sell it at a slightly higher cost than other materials, like our satin or barathea bow ties.

Cut in a sleek batwing style, this bow tie is also self-tying, so the quality of the material is put on full display with an unbroken, continuous neck that is perfectly sized to you, requiring no clunky and obstructing metal clasps. Individually-sized evening neck is increasingly rare nowadays, and stands out as the choice of all discerning gentlemen. You will not find a better black bow tie in silk faille or grosgrain anywhere else!

What makes this black faille grosgrain bow tie so special?

● Impeccable Materials. The perfect bow tie can only be achieved with the perfect fabric, so Fort Belvedere has sourced only the finest luxurious silk double warp faille from a renowned Italian silk mill. Almost all other faille bow ties utilize an inferior faille weave
because it is cheaper to make, but it also results in an inferior texture.

● Fantastic Texture. The unique look of faille and grosgrain helps any Black Tie ensemble stand out, because producing fabric in this weave is so labor intensive and examples of it are rare. At Fort Belvedere, our faille is made with a double-silk warp without any
cotton filler, ensuring a beautiful appearance.

● Handmade. This bow tie benefits from unique artisanal detailing, like a special cotton interlining that enhances the softness of the materials and improves shape, that can only
be achieved with careful, by-hand construction.

● Self-Tie Bow Tie. Pretied bow ties look clunky and juvenile, appearing overly artificial and being reminiscent of little boys. Learning how to tie a bow tie is an essential gentlemanly skill that is made easy with our step-by-step video.

● Fixed Sizing. To save money and effort, most formal bow ties on the market have an adjustable sizing clasp. Clunky hardwear can feel uncomfortable around your neck and will spoil the lines of your collar, especially if you are wearing a detachable wing collar.
Fort Belvedere is one of the few modern makers that offers a fixed-sized bow tie, perfectly suited to your personal measurements, and made from a solid piece of fabric so that there are no unsightly seams or lumps.

● Perfect Proportions. Styled with sleek bows that are reminiscent of the wings of a bat, this bow tie has dimensions of approximately 4.75” by 1.75,” or 12 cm by 4.5 cm. The same batwing bow tie shape is also available in silk satin.

Black Bow Tie Style Tips

A perfectly symmetrical self-tied bow tie is almost impossible to achieve, and it too closely resembles the artificial appearance of a cheap-looking pre-tied bow tie. Therefore, take advantage of the spontaneity and unique look of a self-tied bow tie by embracing a nonchalant approach. How so? Intentionally leave one end of the bow tie a little longer than the other, or one side higher than the other, for an organic, sprezzatura-inspired appearance. You can also vary the tightness or looseness of the knot for more formal or casual looks. The result is a bow tie that is definitively styled your way and that will fit your personality.

The majority of modern bow ties come in only one or two boring styles with flimsy interlining. Fort Belvedere, however, has revived the classic bow tie varieties that made the glorious 1930s a part of the Golden Age of Menswear, with a bountiful collection of formal evening bow ties in a variety of shapes, materials, and sizes. This variety allows you to find the perfect bow tie to suit your face and your individual style.

This batwing bow tie perfectly complements any kind of tuxedo with a faille or grosgrain lapel and will look especially dashing with a midnight blue or black dinner jacket. It also pairs well with white or off-white evening shirts, studs or traditional buttons, and either traditional waist covering, be it a formal vest or cummerbund.

A black bow tie is an essential component of Black Tie, but do not forget other fine details! Be sure to select an appropriate waist covering, like a matching cummerbund, and consider a boutonniere as well: traditionally, gentlemen wore a rose or carnation with evening ensembles.

How to Store This Bow Tie
After use, always untie your bow tie - do not leave it knotted, as this will work creases into the fabric. Store your bow tie loose, either hanging up or lying flat: the choice is yours.

Signature Green Gift Box.
Your Fort Belvedere bow tie arrives in a gorgeous and well-constructed Fort Belvedere box in our company’s iconic shade of forest green. This box is attractive enough to serve as a
handsome gift box, but also sturdy enough for travel or regular storage.

Fine men's clothing and accessories have been our passion for over 20 years. If you have any questions or need assistance with accessories, please contact us!

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Color Black
Weave Faille / Grosgrain
Length 4.75" - 12 cm

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