Tid Bit Tray Horn Handmade Fort Belvedere


- 100% water buffalo horn
- Made by hand
-Keeps you organized
Round without corners

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Handmade Tidbit Tray from Fort Belvedere

Why own a Tidbit Tray?

From daily-carry items like keys, watches, or cards to small accessories like collar stays, cufflinks, and studs, you probably own several tidbits that you wish could be securely stored and organized. Rather than scattering the items from your pockets and person every day when you get home, stash them in an elegant receptacle that fits in beautifully with your refined decor while keeping everything you need accessible and orderly. 

Fort Belvedere has the perfect solution in the form of our Tidbit Tray, masterfully crafted from genuine water buffalo horn. With a width of 6”, it is large enough to accommodate your personal effects but small enough for discreet storage. Its oblong shape, free from corners, ensures that you will never catch yourself or snag anything while on the go. 

Alternatively, it also serves as an ideal tray for business cards that will perfectly complement the desk of any successful businessman who is proud of himself and his company.

What makes this tidbit tray so special?

1. Quality Horn. Fort Belvedere uses the best quality horn, harvested from India. Horn is an ideal material for small receptacles because it is lightweight but also durable, able to resist regular wear-and-tear without cracking or splintering. 

2. Handmade.These tidbit trays are carved by hand from a single water buffalo horn, a delicate and time consuming process rarely undertaken by most manufacturers. Sourcing each tray from individual horns, however, ensures a truly one-of-a-kind and beautiful item because no two horns are exactly alike, so each has its own unique grain and coloration.

3. Environmentally Conscious Unlike cheap plastic trays, horn trays are designed to last and serve as beautiful but functional heirlooms for years to come. Fort Belvedere is dedicated to environmentally sustainable and ethical practices, and these horn trays are no exception: made from 100% organic materials, they keep our landfills free from plastics and other synthetics.


Why use a Horn Tray?

For organizational solutions, few options match the utility, ease, and beauty of a horn tray. Perfect for a desktop, dresser, or nightstand, this tidbit tray will keep all of those little items for which you are constantly reaching perfectly organized and right at hand. 

Unlike other trays, this horn tray is a work of art in itself, with a rich, lustrous natural color that sets off any nearby wooden furniture or accents. Light is also beautifully reflected through the horn, so it will be a pleasure for you every time you reach for your collar stays or your keys.

Horn Accessories that work for you. 


Fort Belvedere is proud to offer a wide range of products that reflect the versatile and practical functionality of horn. In particular, we would like to highlight our range of shoe horns, offered in three sizes. The larger models are intended for at-home use, with the longest shoe horn able to be employed when sitting down if desired. 

For travel, when minimizing bulk is essential, Fort Belvedere also offers a pocket-seized travel shoe horn that will easily fit into any pocket, bag, or luggage. It is especially handy when packed with your carry-on, so that you can use it to safely put your shoes back on after passing through airport security. You can also carry it in your car, so that you always have a shoe horn available when shoe shopping or for any unexpected moments when you need to remove and then put back on your shoes.

If you have questions in choosing a horn product  for yourself or someone else, let us know, we are happy to help.



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