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Silver Black Silk Basketweave Formal Wedding and Business Tie

“Wedding ties” is a generic term for traditional formal day neckties. Usually restricted to a color scheme of black, white, gray, silver, or combinations of the same, neckties like these can be
solid or feature sedate patterns and are most often worn with formal day ensembles, including three-piece suits, stroller suits, and morning coats.

While called wedding ties because weddings are the most common contemporary occasion for which they are worn, these neckties are perfectly acceptable for any time when you wish to present a more formal appearance, including upscale daytime social gatherings, interviews, or even daily wear at a white-collar office.


This necktie features a basketweave pattern rendered in black and silver. The colors are typical of the tie’s formal air and the pattern creates an unexpected visual pop that adds life and creativity to your ensemble without appearing overwhelming.


Almost all retailers sell their ties as one-size-fits-all. A handful offer neckties that are either longer or shorter. At Fort Belvedere, we cater to the needs of every man, whether of modest, average, or above-average height, which is why we are proud to offer neckties in three distinct sizes.

The dimensions of our neckties are proportional to your height. The following chart will guide you as to which of our necktie lengths is right for you.


SHORT: For those who are 5’8” or 173 cm or shorter.
REGULAR: For those who are around 5’11 or 180 cm tall.
LONG: For those who are 6’3” or 190 cm or taller.


Please note that if you prefer to wear trousers with a higher rise and are in-between sizes, it may be better to size down so that the necktie does not fall below your waistband when tied.

What makes this neck tie special?

Luxurious Silk Fabric. Sourcing high-quality materials suitable for a formal day necktie was not easy, but Fort Belvedere found our ideal supplier at a heritage mill in Italy. There, the gorgeous black and silver jacquard fabric is still being made on heirloom looms that are worthy of the sophistication, dignity, and bearing that typify formal daywear and by extension formal day ties.

Perfect for Formal Daywear. Too often, formal evening wear, including Black and White ties, eclipses formal daywear. But whether the sun is shining on a garden party, formal luncheon, or
your own wedding day, you deserve to look your very best. This tie is the perfect finishing touch to all formal attire, ranging from a three-piece suit at the office to a morning tailcoat at society nuptials. As such, it is an ideal investment piece for any gentleman who wants to be properly attired for every possible occasion.

Superlative Quality. On any formal occasion, you expect only the best, and this formal necktie offers nothing less. Specifically designed to ensure impeccable structure and stunning knots,
this tie features 3-fold construction and has an Italian wool interlining. Sturdy 3-ply silk thread from Germany binds everything together, ensuring the durability and longevity of the article.
Handmade Construction. To meet our exacting standards, these neckties have been entirely sewn by hand. Not only does this allow for the total oversight necessary to guarantee the quality construction expected of formal day neckwear, but it also allows for minute variations in construction that ensure ideal drape and improved flexibility.

Formal Pattern. All Fort Belvedere formal day ties feature a unique pattern drawn from the Golden Age of Menswear. These patterns add visual interest without appearing distracting and are a traditional aspect of formal neckwear in Classic Menswear.

Perfectly Sized. On formal occasions, every detail must be exactly correct, and this applies as well to the length of your neckwear. This necktie is available in three different sizes so that you
can pick the necktie that is perfectly proportioned to you.

Style tips

Formal day attire varies based on the occasion and the expected level of formality, especially for social events like weddings. The least formal outfit will consist of a dark three-piece suit, usually
in charcoal gray, worn with a white shirt and wedding tie.

A conventional middle ground consists of a black jacket with peaked lapels, worn with striped formal trousers and a waistcoat in mid-gray or buff. The most formal attire, still worn in Great Britain and Japan for formal day weddings, consists of a morning tailcoat with a tophat, a formal day waistcoat, formal trousers, and a wedding tie. With all of these outfits, well-polished black plain-toe shoes are worn.

Because the overall formality of the occasion calls for a sedate appearance, creative but still conservative necktie knots are a critical opportunity for the introduction of visual interest into your ensemble. Because of their excessively thick interlining, most contemporary formal ties can only be worn with thick, bulky tie knots. Historically, however, Gentlemen of Style like King Charles III and John F. Kennedy favored neater, smaller, more elegant knots.

Therefore, Fort Belvedere formal neckties were specially designed to accommodate as wide a variety of tie knot styles as possible. From a four-in-hand to a balthus or double windsor, Fort Belvedere ties appear dashing and debonair with knots of any size. Be aware that for larger knots, it may behoove you to size up to a longer tie to ensure that you have access to sufficient fabric.

How to store this tie

To prevent heavy creasing, never store your neckwear tied or knotted. Undo the knot and then roll the necktie up in a firm but not excessively tight coil. Allow it to sit in the coil for about a day
to relax wrinkles. To prevent stretching, knit ties should be stored rolled or flat. All other ties may be stored hanging up if desired.

Signature Green Gift Box.
Your necktie will arrive in one of our luxurious Fort Belvedere gift boxes. Featuring sturdy magnetic closures, this box comes in our iconic shade of forest green and displays the Fort Belvedere crest on the lid. While many gentlemen retain the box as the perfect way to store their ties, it is also suitable as a superlative presentation gift box.

Fine men's clothing and accessories have been our passion for over 20 years. If you have any questions or need assistance with accessories, please contact us!

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Color Silver
Size Short, Regular, Long
Length 142cm,149cm or 156cm
Weave Basketweave Jacquard

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