Peccary Gloves Cashmere Lined Waterproof in Chamois Yellow Fort Belvedere


- Handmade in 8h in the EU
- Marshmallow Soft HydroPeccary leather
- Italian Cashmere lining
-Traditional button closure
-water-resistant & get softer with age

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Peccary Gloves - Cashmere Unlined - Waterproofed in Chamois Yellow

Beautifully cut, colorful gloves were once a defining mark of a gentleman, and at Fort Belvedere, you can revive this stylish sartorial tradition with insulating gloves to keep your hands warm, sophisticated formal gloves for fancy occasions, and even dashing driving gloves!

Explore our extensive selection of handmade dress gloves in classic, elegant colors that range from refined grey to exuberant red. Our lamb nappa is sourced from Italy, and our peccary leather comes directly from Peru and is tanned in Germany before being assembled by artisanal Hungarian glove makers who have been perfecting their craft for centuries. 

What’s my glove size?

To help you find your glove size, we have created an in-depth video that shows exactly how to measure your hand and employ our size chart to determine your perfect fit every time.

As implied by the expression “to fit like a glove,” dress gloves were traditionally worn with a relatively tight fit to appear as trim and elegant as possible. Therefore, if you are in-between sizes, we generally recommend sizing down: as the leather stretches, it will conform perfectly to your hand’s dimensions.

What makes these gloves special?

Made from the King of Glove Leathers. Peccary leather has long been praised as the best leather for gloves due to its extraordinary characteristics: it is durable and tough while also being soft and supple. In fact, peccary leather is so tough that it can be resewn again and again without destroying the leather under normal use conditions. But, peccary leather is also unbelievably soft, and as you wear these gloves, they will only grow softer and more supple with age.

● Sustainably Harvested. Peccaries, distant cousins of the pig family, thrive in the Americas, but the best peccary skins come from Peru. Fort Belvedere sources our peccary leather from this nation, ensuring that it is harvested according to the ethical and sustainable standards of The Convention on International Trade in
Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora, or CITES. Peccary leather is easily identified by its characteristic 3-prong pores, and wild peccary is characterized by the scuffs and marks that the animal naturally acquired in life. These unique identifiers should not be viewed as defects but as hallmarks of the leather’s quality and wild origin.

● Artisanal Tanning. After harvesting, these gloves were tanned by a family-owned company of German craftsmen who have been tanning exceptional leather with over a century’s worth of experience. The leather for these gloves was drum-dyed in order to retain the material’s natural softness, look, and feel, with proprietary additives to make the leather as exceptional as possible.

● Water-Resistant HydroPeccary™. Peccary leather is naturally water resistant, but we wanted to take the next step and make our gloves even more resistant to dampness, stains, and damage from fluids, whether rain, snow, ice, coffee, or even wine! Therefore, during the tanning process, we have included certain additives that improve the leather’s ability to repel liquids, creating what we like to call HydroPeccary™. Obviously, these gloves are not rubber kitchen gloves and so are not completely waterproof, but thanks to our special HydroPeccary™ treatments and our exceptionally tight stitches, your hands should not get wet during normal wear conditions. And, best of all, this treatment does not compromise the unbelievable softness that characterizes peccary leather.

● Hand-Cut One-Piece Construction. Because peccary skins are harvested from the wild, they can only be properly handled by master cutters who have the knowledge and skill to maximize yields from skins that naturally have holes and scars that the peccary acquired in life. We are proud to work with Hungarian master cutters with almost 40 years of experience in hand-cutting quality gloves.

In this artisanal process, which is truly a dying art, the skins are first carefully dampened and then powdered so that they are more pliable and easier to stretch. The master cutter then examines the skin and devises a plan of action to cut the skin for the best possible yield.

Because Fort Belvedere sources only the highest-grade peccary leather, the cutters are able to assemble the pieces from a single piece of peccary skin, minimizing the number of seams required. This attentive process gives Fort Belvedere gloves exceptional stretch and an unparalleled fit, all thanks to the skill and ability of our gifted cutters.

Leather Maintenance

Our [leather type] has been carefully sourced and tanned for longevity and durability, but there are simple steps that you can take to keep your gloves looking their best and feeling as
comfortable as possible for years to come.

● After wearing your gloves, store them flat with the fingers stretched out. Never leave your gloves balled up or crumpled.
● If a portion of your gloves gets wet, it may develop water stains. If an area of your gloves is darker than the rest after getting wet and then drying, wet the entire glove with clean water and then allow it to air dry for several days. The gloves will then be returned to their uniform appearance.
● In most cases, your gloves can be washed with just clean water. If you want to use a cleanser, we suggest a dedicated glove-leather cleaner or a very mild product like baby soap or shampoo. Never use artificial cleaners.
● Never wring your gloves dry. Instead, lay the gloves flat with the fingers extended on a towel and layer another towel on top to remove excess water. Then, air dry the gloves for a few days, keeping them clear of artificial heat sources like a radiator, hair dryers, and the like, because they could discolor or damage the leather.
● Note that after cleaning, your gloves may feel slightly stiff. Simply wear them regularly to break them back in and they shall return to their previous softness.

Signature Green Gift Box.
This product will arrive in one of our luxurious, well-made Fort Belvedere gift boxes. Featuring sturdy magnetic closures, this box is made in our iconic shade of forest green and displays the Fort Belvedere crest on the lid. While many gentlemen retain the box as the perfect storage, it is also suitable as a superlative presentation gift box.


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