Pale Green Boutonniere Life Size Carnation Oscar Wilde Lapel Flower - Fort Belvedere


- Hand dyed silk petals
- Made in Germany
- Size: large about 2.75" - 6.5 cm diameter
- Looks like a real Pale Green Carnation

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The Pale Green Life Size Boutonniere

A fresh flower in a lapel buttonhole traditionally referred to as a boutonniere has been the hallmark of elegant gentlemen for centuries. Unfortunately, quality examples of this unique accessory are becoming increasingly difficult to find, and where they can be found, real flowers will inevitably wilt.

Therefore, Fort Belvedere set out to create a range of gorgeous boutonniere flowers that are beautiful to behold but safe from the ravages of wilting. Delicately handmade in Germany from authentic silk, these boutonnieres appear genuine even when viewed up-close, but are actually fabric and will never fade, wilt, or die.

With a Fort Belvedere boutonniere in your buttonhole, compliments are sure to come your way! And with considerable savings for bulk purchases, you will be amazed at how quickly your garden can grow: the more you spend, the more you save!

About the Boutonniere 

A boutonniere is the epitome of refined grace in menswear and, like the icing on a cake, is a little detail that has a huge impact on the rest of your outfit. There is a reason that superbly dressed gentlemen from all walks of life, including royals, statesmen, and stars of stage and the silver screen during the Golden Age of Menswear were often seen sporting these elegant accessories. 

Although today associated almost exclusively with weddings, a lapel buttonhole flower is perfectly suitable for wear with both day and evening wear during any season. Whether paired with suits and blazers or morning dress, or evening clothes like a velvet jacket, tuxedo, or tailcoat, boutonnieres make a marvelous impression in the spring, summer, fall, or winter. And, of course, a gorgeous boutonniere is the perfect accessory for once-in-a-lifetime occasions like graduations, big promotions, birthdays, anniversaries, and, naturally, weddings. 

Pale Green Life Size Carnation

Carnations are very classic boutonniere flowers especially for black tie and white tie events but combined with a dark suit, they look just as stunning. Likewise, a carnation makes for a great companion to an overcoat. This carnation is carefully crafted from hand-dyed silk. Therefore the bottom of the petals has a hint of pale green, just like a real carnation. Overall, nobody will spot the difference once it is on your lapel. While the most common carnations are red or white, pale green is likewise classic but usually worn by more stylish individuals who want to add a personal note to their outfit. If this pale green carnation is too large for your tastes, we also offer a smaller version of the same flower here.  

Carnations are available in a wide selection of shades to match the wedding colors or any occasion, although white and red carnation are the most common. We also have dark red carnation, purple carnation, yellow carnation, pink carnation, and burgundy carnation.

Why is this Pale Green Carnation special?

1 Authentic Appearance. Most man-made boutonnieres look waxy, plastic, and fake, and can be immediately recognized as phony flowers from even a distance, to say nothing of how tacky and overdone they seem when viewed up-close. Fort Belvedere boutonnieres were carefully modeled to closely resemble genuine flowers, with particular attention to fine and subtle details to perfectly recreate a natural, authentic look. Each model underwent rigorous testing to ensure that they appeared genuine, even at close proximity. 

2 Custom Dyes and Handmade Quality. The secret to why this boutonniere seems so life-like is its quality construction. Highly customized coloring ensures that every flower perfectly matches its natural shade, and hand-dying of the silk petals guarantees a believable, organic appearance that can only be achieved by the attentive hand of a master craftsman.         

3 Proper Buttonhole-Wear Construction. To save time and money, most modern boutonnieres are designed to be stuck in place with a pin, but this clunky hardware looks positively disgraceful when compared to a proper boutonniere elegantly slipped into a buttonhole. Fort Belvedere boutonnieres are designed to be worn in exactly this way, just like real flowers were worn during the Golden Age of Menswear.  

4 Correctly Sized & Proportioned. Too often, inexpensive boutonnieres are massively oversized in the erroneous belief that “bigger is better,” making it clear that they are fake and overwhelming the entire ensemble. A tastefully sized, smaller boutonniere, however, will not only appear more natural, but also afford greater styling potential, as it can be worn with a pocket square without appearing excessive. It is for this reason that smaller boutonnieres were always favored by men of taste. 

5. Secure Threaded-Wire Stem. Unlike other boutonnieres fixed on static pins or bars, Fort Belvedere boutonnieres have been designed with a threaded wire stem that allows for flexibility and improved positioning. This allows you to adjust the bloom to your taste, just like you can with a real flower, but with considerably improved positioning and range-of-motion.  

6. Enduring Investment. Unlike real flowers, Fort Belvedere boutonnieres do not wilt and die and, when properly cared for, will look as fresh years hence as when they first arrived. Each boutonniere comes in a signature green Fort Belvedere gift box, which is the perfect way to store your boutonnieres to ensure a long life.

How should you care for and store your boutonnieres?

To prevent damage to the delicate silk petals, do not crush, flatten, or roughly handle your boutonniere. For safe storage, we recommend keeping your boutonnieres in the Fort Belvedere gift boxes in which they arrived, which have been specially designed to protect the boutonnieres. 

When wearing your boutonniere, do not incessantly bend or twist the wire stem. This contributes to excessive wear and can cause the wire and stem to break apart. 


How do you wear this boutonniere in your buttonhole?
Simply slip the wire stem through the front of your lapel buttonhole, with the bloom on the outside, and carefully adjust the stem so that the bud is positioned exactly as you like it. For more information and additional style tips, watch the following video.

SKU: 4054956022247


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Price $40.00
Color Light Green
Length 4.25" - 11 cm
Size large 2.75" - 6.5 cm diameter
Made in Germany

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