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- Luxurious Cufflinks Handcarved by a Master Goldsmith
-Solid Vermeil 925 Sterling Silver -
- Timeless & Elegant Design + Craftsmanship
- Made in Germany
- Yellow Gold Gold Plated So Cuff Links Won't Tarnish

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Vermeil Sterling Silver Yellow Gold Plated Monkey's Fist Knot Cufflinks

Cufflinks have been used for over a century to close men’s shirt sleeves, positioned, originally, at the top of the cuff before moving to the bottom. Through the decades, quality construction and elegant design have always set superlative cufflinks apart from mediocre cufflinks.


Classic cufflinks during the Golden Age of Menswear were designed to be works of art viewable from all sides. Therefore, both the front and back of the cufflinks were gorgeously decorated on both the faces and the post, often with intricate details and even precious stones. Soon, however, the cheaper and easier-to-make T-bar cufflink gained prominence, and genuine double-sided cufflinks were worn only by menswear connoisseurs.


Believing that cufflinks are an extension of the style and personality of the wearer, Fort Belvedere has revived the classic, timeless, and elegant cufflinks that look just as lovely in the back as they do in the front, because every aspect of a gentleman’s wardrobe should be refined and beautiful.


Modeled after the nautical monkey’s fist rope knot, these dignified cufflinks are handcrafted by master jewelers and are intended to stand the test of time, both as a timeless style icon and in the literal sense.

What makes these Fort Belvedere Silver Yellow Gold Monkey’s fist cufflinks so special?

1. Handmade Artisanal Construction. Just like a bespoke suit, the quality offered by a handmade piece of jewelry is beyond compare. These monkey’s cufflinks were handcrafted by a German master jeweler using heritage techniques. A genuine monkey’s fist knot was used as a model for our jeweler, which he then hand-carved into wax. A silicon copy was used to create a form from which the individual cufflinks were then cast in precious metals in the exact same process used in the making of custom jewelry.

2. Intricate Detail. Our unrivaled production process makes it possible to emphasize the tiniest details in these beautiful monkey’s fist cufflinks. Each cufflink is balanced with a post of sufficient length to ensure a secure, well-positioned fit with double-cuffed shirts that will not snag or catch on the buttonhole. The fine, deep ridges on the cords showcase their impeccable workmanship, and we have discreetly hidden our Fort Belvedere maker’s mark on the reverse of the cufflink so that nothing spoils the elegance of the cufflink’s appearance.

3. Cast in Solid 925 Sterling Silver. The overwhelming majority of modern cufflinks are made hollow to save time and money. Because of our dedication to functionality and appearance, Fort Belvedere refused to compromise in this way and all of our cufflinks are cast in solid 925-fineness sterling silver. Weighing in at just under an ounce at 24 grams, these cufflinks contain more than twice the silver of the cufflinks of our competitors. Not only does this give the cufflinks a pleasing heft in your hand, but the solid construction also improves durability and helps the cufflink sit securely in your sleeve.

Perfectly Proportioned Dimensions

These cufflinks are sized according to the refined and understated conventions of the Golden Age of Menswear and were rigorously tested with shirts with cuff buttonholes ranging from 13 to 19 mm, or .5” to .75,” to ensure an elegant position and a secure hold. You can see how they sit firmly in a shirt cuff from the associated pictures, but for your reference, please find the exact dimensions below.

Length: 32mm or 1.25"

Large Knot Diameter: Approximately 12mm or 0.48"

Small Knot Diameter: Approximately 10mm - 0.39"

4. Brilliant Yellow-Gold Plating. Traditionally, silver that is heavily plated with gold is referred to as vermeil, and with the thick, protective layer of yellow gold we have laid on these cufflinks, they certainly qualify! Yellow gold is a timeless classic, and our deep, rich yellow gold will perfectly complement your outfits at any formality level. A thick plating ensures that the gold will not rub off with regular wear and imparts a rich luster that will truly stand the test of time and allows you to enjoy the look and feel of solid gold cufflinks, easily valued at over $2,000, for a fraction of the cost.

5. Timeless Design. Able to be effortlessly paired with casual, business, or even formal ensembles, these cufflinks are the most classic and versatile on the market today. Unlike other fanciful knot cufflinks, which can appear overdone and distracting, these monkey’s fist knot cufflinks are elegant and refined because their design is based on a real monkey’s fist knot. The workmanship and beauty of these cufflinks is so high that they can even be worn with Black or White Tie ensembles, which is why Fort Belvedere also carries a matching set of shirt studs.

6. Hypoallergenic & Nickel-Free. Most gold or platinum plating today contains nickel, an allergen that prevents many men from wearing plated jewelry. At Fort Belvedere, we have taken the extra step to ensure that none of our metal goods contain nickel, so even if you have had issues with other jewelry makers, you can confidently wear Fort Belvedere jewelry without concern or risk.

How to wear these Silver Yellow Gold Monkey’s fist cufflinks?

These cufflinks are designed to be worn with a double, or French, cuff. Traditionally, you should endeavor to match the other metals in your outfit, such as a wristwatch, belt buckle, collar jewelry, or rings, with the metal of your cufflinks.  

Fort Belvedere carries these same cufflinks in Platinum and Rose Gold, completing, with these cufflinks, the Trinity of Menswer Jewelry Lusters.       

For more information on cufflinks, check out our dedicated guide.   

Complete Your Cufflink Collection

To ensure the greatest possible versatility when assembling outfits either at home or while traveling, we encourage you to acquire examples of your monkey’s first cufflinks in as many metal lusters as possible, beginning with silver, yellow gold and rose gold.

To help you in this endeavor, we are happy to offer a discount of $60 when you buy two sets of cufflinks, and $160 when you buy three sets. Simply add the cufflinks to your cart and the savings will be applied automatically.  


How To Care For These Cufflinks

With regular use, these cufflinks should not require any special cleaning and will naturally develop a beautiful, subtle patina that imparts personality and uniqueness. If desired, a quality precious metal cleaner can be used sparingly to bring out a brighter shine, but this is not necessary. These cufflinks are sturdy enough that you can wear them without concern and can look forward to passing them on to your children or even grandchildren.


If you have questions or need style advice in choosing a pair of cufflinks for yourself or someone else, let us know, we are happy to help.


SKU 4054956016833


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