Evening Scarf in White Silk Satin - Fort Belvedere


- Evening Scarf in Classic White
- Hand Knotted Fringes
- Luxurious, Heavy Italian Warp Satin Silk
- Measures 180 x 35 cm
- Shipped in Fort Belvedere gift box 

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Evening Scarf in White Silk Satin 

Once among the princeliest of Classic accessories, scarves are too regularly neglected in modern menswear as buyers turn to boring, dark solid colors or uninteresting patterns, all in cheap materials. Fort Belvedere, however, is eager to revive the grand tradition of colorful and interesting scarves that elevate, and never drag down, your Classic ensembles. Mindful of the fact that scarves are also meant to keep you warm, our scarves are made from only the finest materials and each is perfectly sized to fully insulate your body while allowing for many stylish and visually interesting scarf knots.


For formal evening occasions in Black Tie or White Tie, the use of a genuine evening scarf will assuredly set you apart as a man of taste and refinement. While others pair their tuxedos and dinner jackets with inferior scarves, you can stand out and make a Classic statement by wearing the genuine article: a formal scarf that harmonizes effortlessly with evening overcoats or paletots.  


All of our formal evening scarves are double-sided and made from heavy, traditional white silk. The more classic version is made entirely with white silk, and we also offer a more contemporary iteration that features black and white silk sides for a more dramatic effect. When elegantly draped around your neck, this evening scarf will make a massive impression with its one-of-a-kind silk luster that is the perfect complement for all formal evening wear.    

Ideal Dimensions

The length and width of a scarf massively impact not only its look but also how well it functions as an insulator. Most men’s scarves on the market today are 150 cm x 30 cm, or 60” x 12.” This sizing was selected only to save money on costly resources, and as such, it is too short to provide sufficient warmth or protection from the elements.


We extensively researched and tested various scarf lengths to find the perfect dimensions. We found that traditional Scottish scarves were 180 cm x 35 cm, or 72” x 14,” and while the length was ideal, the width felt too stuffy and constricting. Therefore, we settled on the perfect format of 180 cm x 30 cm, or 72” x 12” for all of our scarves: these dimensions provided the perfect union of warmth, coverage, convenience, and styling potential.

What makes this scarf special?

Heavy Artisan Silk. To save money, most silk scarves are thin and flimsy, giving them an obviously lank appearance. This Fort Belvedere evening scarf is made from heavy silk in a traditional weight to guarantee the proper structure, with an elegant drape that will sit nicely in place and hang beautifully around your neck. 


Fine Silk Warp Satin. The overwhelming majority of silk produced today is made with weft satin, a cheaper alternative that produces an inferior luster. Fort Belvedere worked with a renowned Italian silk mill to source only the finest silk warp satin, for a unique and luxurious luster that befits formal evening occasions.


Impeccable Luster. To achieve the unique look typical of high-quality silk satin, we spared no expense when assembling this evening scarf. To give the satin its signature appearance of a glossy surface on the front and a matte surface on the back, our favored mill wove it with more warp threads, a process that is more difficult and painstaking than working with weft satin but that produces a superior and more sophisticated looking accessory. Because of the particular way that the silk threads are woven together, less light is reflected off of the surface of the fabric, giving the satin its characteristic even sheen and luster.   


Entirely Handmade. To guarantee the highest possible standards and the neatest possible look, this elegant evening scarf is completely handmade. You will note in particular the hand-knotted ends with their black and white silk fringe, which give the accessory an especially debonair appearance.


Evening Scarf Etiquette. According to Classic conventions, if you are wearing a formal evening overcoat, your ensemble should also include a genuine formal evening scarf. If desired, you may also wear a formal evening scarf with only your tuxedo, dinner suit, or tailcoat, even indoors.


While outdoors, the evening scarf should be worn with one end thrown over your shoulder with an elegant drape, while the other end hangs down your front. When indoors, the evening scarf should be worn simply draped around your neck untied, with both ends hanging down around your neck.

Caring for your Satin Scarf

Do not attempt to wash your silk satin scarf unless it is heavily soiled; most stains should instead be spot-cleaned. If you do need to fully wash your silk satin scarf, use a dedicated silk detergent and follow its instructions exactly.

After washing, thoroughly rinse the scarf and then gently press it to remove excess water. Never twist or wring a silk satin scarf! Then, allow the scarf to air dry flat on a towel.

If your evening scarf is creased or wrinkled, you can use gentle steam from a steamer on a low setting to relax the fibers and restore the smooth surface.


How to Store your scarf

To maximize the longevity of your scarf and ensure years of enjoyment, you must store it carefully. We suggest storing it folded and flat for the best results, but you can also hang up your scarf if desired.

In the event of wrinkling, you may carefully iron your scarf at the lowest heat setting.


Signature Green Gift Box

This scarf will arrive in one of our luxurious, well-made Fort Belvedere gift boxes. Featuring sturdy magnetic closures, this box comes in our iconic shade of forest green and displays the Fort Belvedere crest on the lid.

While many gentlemen retain the box as the perfect way to store their scarf, it is also suitable as a superlative presentation gift box. 




If you have questions or need style advice in choosing a scarf for yourself or someone else, let us know, we are happy to help.



SKU: 4054956007275


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Color White
Weave Satin Luxurious Warp Satin
Length 180cm - 72"

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