Business Card Case in Black Leather and Green Lining by Fort Belvedere


- Made by hand in Germany
- Sturdy metal frame
- Top quality padded German aniline leather
- Luxurious green goat velour leather lining

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Business Card Case in Black Leather and Green Lining

Your business card is the face of your company and personal brand. How you treat your business card, and the business cards of others, immediately communicates your degree of seriousness, tact, and professionalism. Make the best impression possible with a handmade, beautiful business card case from Fort Belvedere. 

Do you still need a business card case?

Although we live in a highly digitalized world, certain Old World essentials, like a tailored suit, a proper business card case, and a nice wallet, still tremendously impact the first impression you make on other people. 

When presenting a business card, two scenarios are possible. Someone without a business card case must painstakingly locate and extract his cards from a likely overstuffed pocket. The card will be scuffed, with bent edges and clear signs of wear. If this person is offered a business card in return, he must unceremoniously stuff it into his pocket.

Conversely, imagine a gentleman with a business card case. He can easily and conveniently locate his case and extract a pristine business card, with no risk of spoiling the crisp letterhead or beautifully engraved detailing. He also has a handy place to store and protect any business cards he receives.

In these two scenarios, who makes the better impression? And more importantly, who would you want to be in such a situation?

Not only does a quality business card case protect your business cards, but it sets you apart as a man of taste and professional conduct who is also cognizant of the value of others’ business cards. In many cultures, the respectful acceptance of a business card and its careful storage is critical to beginning business proceedings favorably.

Therefore, always use a business card case, because as the saying goes, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.”

What makes this business card case so special?

Durable Metal Frame. A sturdy metal frame is used to structure and reinforce this case, improving its durability and overall longevity.

Quality Leather Throughout. The shell of this business card case is made from box calf aniline leather in a beautiful shade of long-grain aniline black leather with green goat suede velour.

One-Handed Clasp Mechanism. The unique mechanism, in this case, is designed to be opened with one hand so that you can use your dominant hand to pass out or receive business cards elegantly. 

Two Compartments. Two leather-supported, suede-lined pockets make it easy to separate and organize business cards as you desire.

Padded for Security and Comfort. In keeping with traditional craftsmanship, this case is padded on both sides. This provides a more sophisticated air, ensures your business cards are well-supported, and makes the entire case more comfortable in your pocket.

Attention to Detail. While other brands use inferior or synthetic linings on the interiors of their cases, Fort Belvedere spared no expense and insisted upon real leather interiors, elevating the look of the entire case and imparting a soft, heavenly feel. The high-contrast interiors also create an unexpected, eye-catching visual interest that draws the right kind of attention.

Wallet Alternative. For those who prefer a more minimalistic or travel wallet, this case is also ideal for storing credit cards, identification cards, cash, and other sundries.


This business card case is;
10 cm x 7.5 cm x 1.5 cm
4” x 3” x 0.6.”

Leather Maintenance

Every leather product needs to be nourished occasionally, but caring for your business card case could not be simpler. A small amount of leather cleaner, clear wax, or polish will adequately protect the shell. The interior should require no regular maintenance, but use a delicate suede or velour cleanser in the event of stains.  


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Price $150.00
Color Black
Length 4" - 10 cm
Height 0.6" - 1.5 cm
Made in Germany
Fort Belvedere Fort Belvedere

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