Ascot in Burnt Orange, Brown, Green and Madder Blue Silk Large Paisley - Fort Belvedere


- 100% Luxurious English Madder Silk
- Self Tie
- Made by Hand in burnt orange, green, brown & blue
- Wonderfully soft around your neck

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Ascot in Burnt Orange, Brown Large Paisley

Ascots, also known as cravats, will make the perfect addition to your wardrobe because of the very particular sartorial niche they fill: a neckwear piece that is rakishly casual but effortlessly elegant, able to add an unforgettable savor to any ensemble.  

Once you have built out a solid foundation of neckties and bow ties, ascots should be the next step in your style journey. 

Casual Ascots immediately bring to mind the dashing film stars, playboys, and rakes of the Early Golden Age of Menswear. They signify someone who has developed a unique personal style and can now experiment with bolder accessories. No matter what your style is, a casual ascot can be incorporated into your outfits, whether you prefer a recklessly casual and jaunty look or a more put-together and plush look. 

What makes this ascot so special?

1. The Very Best Silk. Sourced from the best mills in England, the silk fabric used in this ascot has been carefully sourced at great expense to ensure the best possible drape and the richest of colors

2. Hand-Screen Printed Madder Silk with Paisley Pattern. Most manufacturers digitally print patterns onto their fabrics, but at Fort Belvedere, we insist upon the traditional screen printing process done by hand, the same technique used by Hermès for their scarves. The pattern is printed onto a thick twill fabric and then carefully finished to give a neat, crisp feel that is still soft to the touch.  

3. Entirely Handmade. Not only is the printing applied by hand, the entire ascot has been assembled with an emphasis on quality and attention to detail that only comes with direct, by-hand oversight from artisanal craftsmen.

4. Self-Tying. Many contemporary ascots are modified to be easier to tie, but these modifications spoil the timeless lines and drape of the truly classic ascots. At Fort Belvedere, all of our ascots are designed according to time-tested, vintage patterns and are intended to be tied by hand, allowing you to personally craft the perfect look and the ideal knot for any situation. 

5. Diagonally Cut on the Bias. Because it has been cut at 45º on the bias, this ascot features a diagonal ribbed grosgrain structure that imparts a unique body and subtle flair. While this process does require additional fabric, it offers a superior ascot that stands out for its subtle detailing and obvious attention to craftsmanship.

Ascot Style Tips

An emblem of rakish charm, this ascot is well-suited to most sport coat or blazer combinations. The deep colors of the Madder Silk will especially set off the texture of tweeds, flannels, and worsted wools, but this fine silk will look elegant with most fabrics. 

The oversized paisley pattern showcases the ascot’s elegantly muted colors while adding visual interest that is bold but still classic. The color scheme of navy, light blue, orange, and red features many of the most common and most dynamic colors in menswear, so can pick out colors in nearly any outfit. This ascot will harmonize with most ensembles but will appear particularly dashing when worn with light colors that enliven its muted but bold color scheme. 

Worn with anything from a solid blue blazer to a checkered brown sport coat, this ascot conveys a sense of debonair dignity and stylish understatement. Finished with genuine silk gum, it is also an absolute pleasure to wear. 

Paired with a boutonniere, this paisley ascot captures all of the whimsy and refinement of a bygone era of gentlemanly grace and charm. No matter what your personal style, it will be the perfect addition to your wardrobe when you want to add a dash of fun and the unexpected to any look.   

Be sure to peruse the other casual ascots offered by Fort Belvedere, including this same paisley pattern in red and brown, or a Blue Macclesfield Micropattern and a Buff Diamond Macclesfield Micropattern.

How to Store Ascot

Similar to a necktie, attentive storing of your ascot will prevent unnecessary wrinkling or damage. Ascots should be loosely hung up or stored and laid down flat. Take care to ensure that no part of the ascot is excessively twisted or crumpled. 

If your ascot begins to develop wrinkles, gently steam the wrinkles out with a garment steamer on its lowest heat setting. Avoid ironing your ascots, because the flat edge of the iron and the focalized heat can ruin the delicately turned edges of the ascot.

If you have questions or need style advice in choosing neckwear for yourself or someone else, let us know, we are happy to help.


SKU: 4054956010473


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