Finest Socks In The World - Over The Calf in Black Silk


- 75% Luxurious Silk 25% Finest Cotton
- Made in Italy with 280 needles
- The Finest Socks In The World
- Hand finished
- Over the calf length
3 Pairs of The Finest Socks in the World for $180

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The Finest Socks in The World

Formal socks should be the finest that a gentleman owns, so we spared no expense when it came to our formal socks, which we are proud to call, with no exaggeration, the finest socks in the world. 

Combining exceptional cotton for structure and comfort and superlative silk for a marvelous luster, these socks are made from the best materials available. Utilizing highly specialized machines with an extremely rare 280 needle configuration, they have also been crafted to the highest possible standards for exceptional breathability, supreme comfort, and a glorious silky sheen that is worthy of a Black Tie dinner jacket or tuxedo, a White Tie tailcoat, and a morning coat. 

What's my size?

To ensure a comfortable fit and the correct positioning, your dress socks should always be sized, because no one’s feet are “one size fits all.” At Fort Belvedere, we proudly offer all of our dress socks in five sizes, from Small to Extra Extra Large.

To determine your size, use our accompanying size chart. We have also made a video tutorial to aid you in finding exactly the right size for your foot, taking into consideration personal preferences like desired tightness or looseness.

When your new socks arrive, they will appear large, but this is because they will shrink to the perfect size in the wash.

If you buy multiple socks, wash and then dry one pair first to double-check fit before shrinking all of the socks in the order. 

Why over-the-calf socks?

Few things will ruin the look of an otherwise sharp business outfit more quickly than short socks, because they will inevitably become saggy and baggy while exposing your legs. Traditional over-the-calf dress socks don’t have this issue as their length helps them stay up all day. It doesn’t hurt that in addition to remaining up, Fort Belvedere dress socks also look great, thanks to their subtle patterns and colorful accents.

How to wear these formal socks

Formal socks are a necessary accessory for formal dress codes like Black Tie, White Tie, and morning wear. They should be worn with opera pumps, formal evening slippers, patent leather or similarly formal oxfords, and formal dress boots.

Because these socks are so sublimely thin and breathable, some of our customers also enjoy wearing them in warm and hot weather to keep their feet cool.

Easy to wear with any formal ensemble 

Whether worn with morning wear, Black Tie, or White Tie, these formal socks are the perfect finishing touch to ensure that your outfit looks its very best, from the bottoms of your feet to the top of your head! In stately and universal black, with just the right degree of sheen and luster, these socks will set off boutonnieres and pocket squares in any formal color, as well as complement the material of any formal neckwear, no matter its fabric.

The rich, decadent black of these socks has been achieved by carefully dyeing the silk and cotton to the perfect sheen, which is able to harmonize with both matte and lustrous textures in the rest of your ensemble. From grosgrain to velvet and barathea to satin, these formal socks are the ideal complement to all formal accessories and garments.   

Why are these socks so special? 

The Best Possible Materials. Combining 75% silk with 25% Egyptian 2-Ply Fil d'Ecosse cotton, the high-quality materials used for these socks have been carefully selected and proportioned to create socks that stay properly positioned on your legs while feeling light, comfortable, and airy. And their beautiful sheen is icing on the cake!

Finely Knitted on Artisanal Machines. Most Fort Belvedere socks are knitted on machines with 240 needles that already offer incredible results. We wanted to go one step further for our formal socks, so we employed machines with 280 needles to make these socks the finest in the world. 

Hand-Finished. Machine-finished socks have an annoying seam at the toe area that can rub against and irritate your feet. Because all of our Fort Belvedere socks are hand finished, the toe area is smooth and completely soft, minimizing pressure and irritability at this critical location.


Formal sock etiquette.

According to the traditional conventions of formal wear, formal socks should always be black. However, according to contemporary Classic Style guidelines, you may choose to add visual interest to your look by wearing formal socks that incorporate white or light gray elements along with the black in the form of stripes or two-toned knitting.


If you have questions or need style advice in choosing a pair of socks for yourself or someone else, let us know, we are happy to help.


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