Military Green Shoelaces Round - Waxed Cotton Dress Shoe Laces Luxury by Fort Belvedere


-Military Green Shoe Laces
- Made in Italy
- Quality Waxed Cotton
- Made for dress shoes
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Military Green Round Luxury Waxed Cotton Dress Shoelaces

When it comes to altering formality, elevating appearances, and adding pop, new shoelaces and bootlaces can have an effect similar to buying an entirely new pair of shoes or boots! Best of all, they are comparatively inexpensive and totally reversible, unlike many other alterations you could make to your outfit. While thick shoelaces are best reserved for athletic shoes, dress shoes will benefit from elegantly slim round or flat shoelaces that emphasize the finer points of beautiful footwear. All Fort Belvedere shoelaces have been extensively tested for durability, functionality, and longevity, and we also offer longer laces that can be worn with boots.     

While it may seem that all shoelaces are the same, nothing could be further from the truth. Shoelace varieties massively impact the look and functionality of your shoes and should never be ignored. Thick, bulky shoelaces are intended to be worn only with athletic shoes. Dress shoes should be worn with slim, elegant shoelaces that are round or flat, depending on the shoe type and formality.

When it comes to construction, the differences are even more apparent. Cheap shoelaces use inferior cotton or synthetic blends that have no durability, causing them to wear quickly and snap even under regular use. At Fort Belvedere, we undertook a rigorous series of exhaustive tests over an 18 month period to develop the perfect shoelaces. Because they are made from sturdy long-staple cotton, these shoelaces can be just 2 mm, or 1/13,” wide, without compromising on strength. Even if you regularly lace your shoes tightly and pull very hard, these laces won’t snap.

What makes these shoelaces so special? 

1. A Rainbow of Colors. Fort Belvedere shoelaces come in an ever-expanding range of rich, vibrant colors. (If there is already individualized information, include it here)

2. Long-Staple Waxed Cotton. Thanks to its longer staple, the cotton used in these shoelaces has greater tensile strength even when the laces themselves are very thin. Waxed for convenience and durability, these shoelaces are truly made to last.

3. Perfect for Dress Shoes. Both in length and width, the dimensions for these shoelaces were intentionally engineered to pair beautifully with any laced dress shoes, including oxfords, derbies, bucks, and many more!

4. Round Laces. The most traditional of laces, flat laces can be worn with any dress shoe for a sedate, conventional look that is effortlessly elegant and refined.

5. Made in Italy. Adhering to the quality standards of Italian craftsmanship, these shoelaces will not only stand up to regular lacing, they will look beautiful while doing so, because the plush colors will not fade.

6. Buy in Bulk and Save. To help you mix and match colors and styles, we offer discount pricing when you make multiple purchases - after all, it helps us, so we’re happy to help you! Buy 4 pairs of cotton shoelaces for $30. Buy 9 pairs for $60. Buy 15 pairs for $90.

How to match shoelace and shoe color. 

Ultimately, because Fort Belvedere shoelaces are drawn from a color palette typical of Classic Style, you can pair our shoelaces with almost any pair of shoes to good effect.

That being said, the basic tenets of color theory that are typical to Classic Style still apply. Black shoes tend to look stately and becoming with darker shoelaces in blue or green or gray, while reds, pinks, and purples add a bolder pop. Brown shoes look more formal with shades of brown and dark laces, while yellows, oranges, and bright colors are more casual.

Leveraging shoelaces will allow you to make all of the shoes in your collection go even further. Want to dress down a pair of black oxfords? Try pink laces! Want to make a pair of tan derbies more formal? Try dark brown, round laces. The only limit is your creativity, because with shoelaces from Fort Belvedere, you can make your shoes as subtle or as dandified as you desire!           


These shoelaces are 80 cm or 31.5” long


If you have any questions about shoelaces or other accessories, of if you need help with choosing the right colors for yourself or a loved one, please get in touch, we are always happy to help. 

SKU: 4054956024845



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Price $9.00
Length 31.5" - 80cm
Color Green
Made in Italy

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