Jasper Silver Solid Brass Belt Buckle Rounded Rectangle Exchangeable with Palladium Plating Hypoallergenic Nickel Free - Fort Belvedere


- Luxurious Solid Brass Belt Buckle 
- Interchangeable locking mechanism - pair it with any Fort Belvedere belt
- Thick 1 micron+ Palladium plating so they won't tarnish
- Hypoallergenic & Nickel Free - perfect for everyone
- Handmade in Italy 
- Perfect for suits, chinos and slacks
- Sold individually - the more buckles and belts you buy the better the price

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Jasper Silver Solid Brass Belt Buckle

For gentlemen of style, a belt is far more than just a means to keep your trousers up: it is a unique accessory that communicates so much about you and your personal style. But the modern belt industry is swamped with belts in two extremes: excessively expensive belts that lack versatility and shoddy, cheap belts that are poorly made.

Fort Belvedere has solved this problem by offering well-made belts in classic colors and metallic finishes that function as part of a modular system.

Every one of our belts and buckles can be mixed and matched with other belts and buckles in the system. This offers you considerably greater versatility than individual fixed-sized belts with attached buckles without having to compromise on quality. As with all Fort Belvedere products, you can also be sure that you are investing in quality: unlike other belt makers, we never market inferior cowhide as “top grain” leather, and you can be sure that our hardwear is the best available, not cheap zamac buckles pumped out by Chinese factories.    

This buckle is part of our Exchangeable Belt System. Each buckle is sold individually without a belt. You can select any of our Fort Belvedere belts and purchase it separately to start building a collection of belts and buckles that can be combined in a multitude of ways, offering a variety of belt styling options at a fraction of the cost. Not only can you choose a unique buckle that matches the metal of your cufflinks, tie bar, or ring, but you can also match or coordinate the leather color with your shoes and leather accessories. This coordination ensures that you always look like the dapper, well-put-together gentleman that you are. Volume discounts can be applied for both belts and buckles: the more that you buy, the more you will save. See below for details.

At Fort Belvedere, we wanted the highest quality belt we could find paired with the flexibility of an interchangeable buckle system, so you could always get the right pairing with your shoes and accessories. Also, we wanted this to be a long-lasting investment you make in your accessories, allowing you to create exactly the look you want, in the size you need, without sacrificing the quality, feel, and looks of the highest quality belt on the market today.

Best of all, the system is future proof, so any future buckle or belt you purchase gives you more options with your belts. For example, if you travel and you bring 3 leather belts and 3 buckles, that gives you nine belt options, yet you just have to bring 3 belts with you, thus saving you the hassle and weight. 

What makes this belt special? 

1. Handmade by a Master Italian Bucklemaker. Buckle hardware is central to the functionality and elegance of a well-made belt, so you do not want to skimp on this important detail. That is why Fort Belvedere sought out the most skilled craftsmen in Europe to make our belt buckles, finally settling on an artisanal bucklemaker in Italy. Weighing in at around 50 grams, the heft of a Fort Belvedere buckle is almost as striking as its dignified lines and rich luster. This buckle was engineered to last multiple lifetimes, so you can look forward to it serving as a treasured family heirloom that you can pass down to your children, and know that it will only grow more beautiful with time as it develops a warm patina, while still functioning perfectly.

2. Convenient Clip On/Off Lever System. Interchangeable belt buckles should never have clunky hardware that is ugly and obvious, nor should swapping them out be a time-consuming hassle. A hallmark of Fort Belvedere buckles is that they have the same refined detailing and low profile of conventional belt buckles, but with the added benefit of interchangeability. A discreet but durable solid brass lever allows you to easily slip the buckle off of one belt and onto another. When locked in place, the lever activates three sturdy teeth that ensure a secure, comfortable fit. No special tools or excessive force is required to remove the buckle, and the entire operation takes about three seconds thanks to our smart clip system. Best of all, our buckles even function with other belts, provided that they are 29 mm in width. 

3. Solid Brass. The overwhelming majority of belts today are made from zamac, an alloy whose name is an initialism of its primary components: zinc, aluminum, magnesium, and copper. This material is favored only because of its cheap cost, even though it produces buckles that feel light and flimsy in your hands and are very easy to ding or scratch.

Traditionally, quality belt buckles were made of solid brass, sterling silver, or gold. Skyrocketing prices have rendered pure precious metal buckles prohibitively expensive, especially when you consider that pure sterling silver or gold is not as durable, and so somewhat unsuitable for regular use.

That is why Fort Belvedere buckles are all crafted from solid brass, which is naturally extremely durable and scratch-resistant. When heavily plated with precious metals like gold or palladium, these buckles offer the look and feel of a precious metal and the performance of solid brass, all at a much more reasonable and affordable price.  

4. Thick Plating of 1+ Microns. Most modern belt buckles are made to resemble precious metals like gold, silver, palladium, or platinum, but without actually utilizing any of those materials. When precious metals are used for plating, too often that plating is extremely thin, because buckles have a relatively large surface area and even thin metal leaf is expensive. A thin plating, however, will inevitably rub off with time, exposing the base metal underneath. To prevent this, all Fort Belvedere buckles are plated at levels ten times thicker than most market standards, producing a superior plating that will not rub off with regular use. All of our metallic alloys are engineered to be extremely resistant and able to truly stand the test of time. 

5. Hypoallergenic & Nickel-Free. Most gold or platinum platings on the market contain nickel. Many people, however, are allergic to nickel, and can suffer unpleasant reactions from even the trace amounts of nickel found in belt buckle alloys.To ensure that everyone can enjoy our products, Fort Belvedere is proud to offer metal goods that are all nickel-free and hypoallergenic. Even if you have suffered adverse reactions from other buckles or jewelry because of their nickel content, you can confidently use Fort Belvedere buckles because they are 100% nickel-free.

6. Flexible Belt System. Well-made belts are often extremely expensive, but also extremely particular: conventional belts come in one leather color with one type of metal buckle, severely limiting the versatility of the belt and buckle and its ability to function with multiple outfits, shoes, and accessories. In order to properly harmonize with your entire wardrobe, you might be compelled to buy almost a dozen belts in various combinations of belt leathers and buckles. Also, when sized, fixed-buckle belts cannot be easily adapted to weight fluctuations, so if your weight changes, the belt and buckle are both effectively useless.  

But with the Fort Belvedere belt system, you can mix and match every buckle with every belt, with the assurance that every buckle and every belt will be made to the high standards you have come to expect from Fort Belvedere. Our system is also completely future-proof, so you can feel secure in knowing that any future belts or buckles we release will be fully compatible with the current system. As our collection grows, you will have even more options for expanding and diversifying your belt and buckle collection.

Sterling silver is a precious metal prized for its clean, brilliant shine that is renowned for its versatility. Pure sterling silver, however, will tarnish, necessitating regular cleaning that can be time-consuming and exhaustive. That’s why, at Fort Belvedere, we achieve our silver tone with palladium, a metal with all of the positive qualities of silver, as well as a deeper, richer luster, and without the need for regular polishing. 

Silver tones like palladium are very neutral and so will complement any ensemble, and have the added benefit of fitting in anywhere on the Formality Scale. With its clean, modern look, silver tones like palladium can be particularly well-suited to sleek, sophisticated looks with contemporary refinement. 

In general, you should endeavor to match the metals found in your outfit, so wear a palladium belt buckle if you are planning on wearing other silver-toned accessories like rings or a wrist watch.

This belt buckle is also available in gold.

Is the Jasper Belt Buckle in Silver Right for Me?

Our Jasper Buckle is designed around very classic buckle design principles, featuring a strong rectangular frame with a rounded edge at the prong receiver. With its uniform thickness and subtle blending of geometric and organic shapes, it is typical of classic saddle belt buckles.

While this elegant buckle certainly looks very smart with suits and more formal shoes like cap-toe oxfords, brogue derbies, or Norwegian split-toe shoes, its round lines are particularly well-suited to boots and all varieties of casual shoes. If you prefer your Classic looks with a hint of the brawny or the more casual, this buckle is the perfect way to balance the rugged with the refined that will never go out of style.     

Looking for something more rectangular and formal? Check out our Edward Buckle. Looking for something more organic and contemporary? Check out our Neville Buckle. Looking for something both round and rectangular? Check out our Benedict Buckle. 

How to care for your Buckle

Like all Fort Belvedere products, this buckle is extremely sturdy and was designed to be worn. Under regular use and wear, and provided that you don’t run it through an acid bath, it should require no special treatment. If needed, you can buff the buckle to a high shine by gently rubbing it with a soft, clean cotton cloth.

To aid you in assembling the perfect outfit efficiently, we do suggest that you store your buckles in one place, to facilitate choosing the right buckle for the right time. 

If you have questions or need style advice in choosing a belt or buckle for yourself or someone else, let us know, we are happy to help.



More Information
Price $100.00
Color Gold - Yellow
Size 3.5 cm
Made in Italy