Utmost Quality & Functionality

When browsing through the internet it seems that quality, luxury & durability are omnipresent terms, but few explain what they really mean and even fewer actually offer it. For us, quality starts with the design of a product. Beginning with the purpose of the piece, we analyze and then design the item to be functional, beautiful and durable. Subsequently, we source the best materials for that purpose and test them. We look at the raw hides of animals and the way they are dyed, we compare silks and printing processes, and test durability so we can decide what works best. Moreover, we choose the specific yarns, interlinings, metals, etc., in order to ensure our product provides a great value.

Timeless Elegance

Many fashions are short lived and rather extreme, either in color, cut or both. Design classics such as the batwing bow tie, the oxford shoe or the lounge suit are still wardrobe staples of the elegant man, even decades after they were introduced. It is our goal to provide tasteful accessories that are unaffected by seasons and years, yet more refined and superior to other things available, be it either in material, design or functionality.

True Customer Service

All items are shipped from Minnesota, and if you would like to talk to us, you can always reach us via our contact form, chat with us or call at 651-964-2222 . Since your needs and wants were the reason we created this online shop in the first place, we will always listen carefully to what you have to say, so we can serve you better and provide you with a better product. Should there be ever something wrong with an item, or if you have an issue of any kind, let us know and our team will try their best to make it right.